OceanFi revolutionizes Fitness through AI, DeFi and Metaverse integration


Introducing OceanFi – The ultimate fitness ecosystem

OceanFi offers a comprehensive ecosystem including: Fitness apps, unlimited integrations, social health, DeFi & Layer 1 solutions, fitness Metaverse and AI Coach portal.


Company & Team


OceanFi is driven by a passionate team of innovators, technology experts and health enthusiasts with the goal of revolutionizing fitness and wellness. Backed by CRITIX, a leading HealthTech company in the UK, they are proud of their journey and the convergence of expertise, ambition and commitment. Their team collaborated to create OceanFi, combining AI technology, personalized experiences, and deep understanding of the fitness industry. CRITIX is a leader in redefining the way individuals approach health, focusing on innovative solutions and building a vibrant global community. In this digital era, their commitment to excellence and user-centered approach will inspire sustainable change, shaping a world where everyone can achieve. your physical and health goals.


Roadmap & Plan

“OceanFi’s roadmap is an exciting strategic journey that maps the evolution of the fitness ecosystem, highlighting the key milestones and innovations that lie ahead. As we move forward, this roadmap will serve as a guide, illuminating the path toward a brighter and more optimal future for total health,” the project said .

In Q4 2023, OceanFi is focused on launching a comprehensive fitness app with features such as exercise library, AI tracking, app development, NFT collection release, website, and media launch. Social Media, along with an Initial User Acquisition Strategy.

Q1 – Q2 2024 involves increasing their impact with AI enhancements, content expansion, influencer partnerships, and content trailer creation.

Q3 – Q4 2024 aims to expand OceanFi’s vision through data collection for Metaverse integration, AI and user experience improvements, marketing campaigns and cross-promotions with gyms.

In Q1 – Q2 2025, they plan to navigate the Metaverse by developing a Metaverse integration strategy, launching a Web-based Edition, expanding content, and collaborating with fitness brands.

Q3 – Q4 2025 reveals the power of VR fitness with virtual reality support, advanced AI capabilities and virtual events.

In Q1 – Q2 2026, OceanFi aims to experience rich Metaverse, integrate AI and immersive coaching, and collect user feedback. The second half of 2026 and beyond involves the expansion of the Metaverse, gamification, social interaction, and continued technological advancements to stay competitive and innovative.


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OceanFi Fitness App

OceanFi offers an extensive library of workouts, yoga sessions, and meditation sessions suitable for all fitness levels. Their diverse collection is comprehensive, catering to experienced meditators, those new to body-weight exercises, or individuals seeking relaxation. Relax through meditation.

“Earn” while you burn: Financial fitness with OceanFi

OceanFi’s innovation ecosystem seamlessly integrates fitness knowledge with cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology. By exercising with OceanFi, you not only improve your health but also earn rewards, creating a unique and motivating fitness journey. Your efforts translate into tangible benefits, encouraging a more active and healthier lifestyle.


Social health care features

At OceanFi, they not only prioritize personal health but also social and mental health. This is demonstrated through various social wellness features.

  1. Community Engagement: Provides a space for users to connect, share their health journeys, and encourage each other.
  2. Group workouts: Enjoy virtual group workouts, connecting with fellow exercisers around the world.
  3. Challenge and compete: Host competitive health events to inspire users to reach their goals and earn rewards.
  4. Interact with experts: Connect with fitness trainers and health experts for expert support.
  5. Social Rewards: Encourage active engagement through unique social rewards and perks.
  6. Share progress: Nurture motivation by sharing successes and milestones with the community.
  7. Virtual social gatherings: Host events that allow users to connect in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

These features enrich the health journey, foster community connections, and ensure a healthy, enjoyable, and socially active lifestyle. OceanFi believes in the power of community and is committed to making the wellness journey a shared and inspiring experience.
OceanFi introduces a comprehensive set of DeFi features and Referral Program to enrich your healthcare journey.

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DeFi Features:

OceanFi’s NFT collection is more than just digital assets; it’s the gateway to a world of health, technology and financial opportunity. Features include ownership and digital rewards, financial benefits, rare collectibles, partnerships and discounts, exclusive content, and community engagement.

DeFi features allow you to earn tokens through exercise, participate in staking and yield farming, provide liquidity, participate in ecosystem governance, integrate NFTs, ensure compatibility between chain and earn rewards. It creates a community of wellness enthusiasts and financial innovators, offering a holistic approach to health and financial development.

Referral Program:

OceanFi introduces “Referral Program” where sharing your unique wallet address with friends and family allows you to earn rewards when they participate in activities like buying NFTs, earning smart tokens through fitness activities or offering NFTs for rent. Earn income, contribute to community building, inspire others, and share in the success of the health goals of the users you refer.

Layer-1 solution:

OceanFi’s commitment extends to Layer 1 solutions, improving efficiency, scalability and sustainability. These solutions optimize scalability, speed, and security, ensuring cross-chain compatibility, green practices, user empowerment, and seamless integration. They contribute to a faster, safer and more sustainable healthcare ecosystem that aligns with your values.

AI Coach

OceanFi introduces a groundbreaking AI Coach to revolutionize your approach to fitness and health. This innovative addition provides real-time tracking, ensuring proper form and intensity during exercises. It provides instant feedback, guides you through posture adjustments, and suggests pacing. Tailoring your workout routine and nutrition recommendations to suit your unique needs, AI Coach understands and adapts to your wellness journey. Documenting all your progress will allow you to set new goals and celebrate achievements. With 24/7 availability, flexibility, and a focus on empowerment and motivation, OceanFi’s AI Coach aims to make wellness accessible, personalized, and rewarding—a tool Game-changing for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Experience a new level of wellness with your dedicated partner, the OceanFi AI Coach.

OceanFi Metaverse

  1. Virtual Workouts: Immerse yourself in fitness routines set in virtual environments—escape to serene beaches or conquer challenging terrain.
  2. Gamified Experience: Turn your workout into an adventure with quests, rewards, and friendly competitions for added enjoyment.
  3. Customize your avatar: Personalize your digital self with a unique avatar that represents your style and personality.
  4. Tokenize real-world assets: Convert real-world assets into digital tokens through blockchain for ownership and investment opportunities.
  5. Cross-chain and cross-platform interoperability: Enjoy flexible interaction across various blockchains and platforms for a seamless fitness experience.

Join the OceanFi Metaverse

Embark on an enriching, fun and rewarding fitness adventure. Explore the future of fitness and health with OceanFi’s Metaverse.



  • Token name: OceanFi
  • Token sticker: OCF
  • Network: BSC
  • Total supply: 28,000,000


Check out the Moonsheet and get ready for CEX Listing! 💸

🔮 Price: 2 USDT

🔮 Token: $OCF

🔮 Network: BNB Chain

🔮 Initial market capitalization: 150,000 USD

Listing platform

🔮 CEX: MEXC ( https://www.mexc.com/ )


OceanFi Social Media

Website: https://oceanfi.io/

NFT Marketplace: https://app.oceanfi.io/

OceanFiSwap: https://app.oceanfi.io/swap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OceanFi2023

Telegram channel: https://t.me/OceanFi_Announcements

Telegram group: https://t.me/OceanFi_Group

Gitbook: https://oceanfi.gitbook.io/oceanfi-gitbook

Pitch Deck: https://oceanfi.io/assets/OceanFi%20Deck.pdf


With innovation and boldness, OceanFi is more than just an ordinary fitness platform. By integrating blockchain and NFTs into the workout experience, OceanFi is gradually revolutionizing the fitness industry, opening up new and exciting opportunities for their community.

The professional team behind OceanFi is not only committed to innovation, but also to helping OceanFi reach further into the future. With a focus on convenience, personalization and motivation, we believe OceanFi will be a trusted partner on your journey to health and a healthy lifestyle. Join OceanFi to experience the new world of fitness, where personal health becomes a journey filled with energy and motivation. Embrace change and get ready to explore new discoveries with OceanFi!

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